About Us

Executive Team

Karas Wilders has partnered with Start-ups to Fortune 100 companies in diverse industries from financial and tax services, healthcare, insurance, retail, software, and various U.S. Government agencies.  We have guided them to implement Agile in specific departments  to enterprise solutions.

Barbara Wilders

is a highly accomplished Agile Coach with more than 10 years of experience in the Lean Agile community and over 20 years managing internal and external customer relationships.    She enjoys the challenge of transforming companies, departments, and individuals to functioning Agile teams.

Barbara  worked in a traditional waterfall environment as a team member, Director, and as an Executive Vice President.  She has successfully implemented projects using Agile frameworks that had previously failed under waterfall.

Barbara is an enthusiastic Certified Product Owner and Scrum Master that is committed to the success of her clients. Recognizing that each client and situation is unique, Barbara crafts customized communication plans that generate excitement about Agile adoption in addition to training plans to insure positive results.  Barbara has extensive experience coaching cross-functional, co-located and distributed teams located worldwide. She understands the fear felt by company employees and her upbeat and fun loving style has inspired teams to collaborate and innovate using Agile.

Philip Karas

is an accomplished Collaboration Coach with more than 25 years of experience in developing relationships and team building between the private sector, public sector and non-profit organizations, creating a more seamless coordination benefiting all.  His experience includes coordinating efforts between the financial services, defense, legal, retail, health care, insurance, IT and private human resource businesses with the federal/state/local neighborhood governments and non-profit organizations. He assisted with the initial hospice programs in the United States and Sexual Assault Crisis program for the State of Connecticut.

Philip enjoys the challenge of taking on projects that have been labelled as “Historically, this can’t be done”. He is a Certified Scrum Master and as the recipient of the Governor’s Distinguished Service Award, he demonstrates his commitment to the success of our clients.

Barbara (Barb) Cerny

is an Agile Transformation Professional that is a Certified Scrum Master and Certified Product Owner with 9 years of Agile experience leading cross functional teams.  She has managed large scale projects and customer relationships for more than 15 years in the telecommunication, software, financial services, retail, federal government and transportation industries.

Barb is a catalyst for change and focuses on creating a collaborative environment where Agile principles are easily adapted and thrive. She lays a solid foundation for successful transformations by building a communication plan that engages all stake holders and creates awareness of Agile principles and their business value.

Barb enjoys bringing business and technology teams together to collaborate and build innovative solutions to solve business issues. She is an enthusiastic Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner that has coached and trained cross-functional, co-located and distributed teams located worldwide. Her passion for Agile and energetic style inspires teams to adapt lean principles into their daily processes.

eric casisEric Casas

is an Agile specialist who has over 10 years experience in Technology and Business Consulting for large (Fortune 500) and medium corporations, as well as early stage companies and startups. He lead the implementation of an Agile software development operation in a startup, and has been a key contributor of an Agile transformation team in a Fortune 250 company.

Working in over 30 large IT project implementations has provided Eric with a deep understanding on how team collaboration and empowerment leads to organizational growth and business success. As an Agile lead and Scrum Master his focused has been on people, improving team dynamics, and helping management lead & create the vision.

Eric brings a breadth of knowledge in industries such as Telecommunications, Internet, Market Research, eCommerce, and Real Estate, has worked in software development (both waterfall and Agile), technical customer support, professional services and Sales organizations. Additionally, Eric’s unique background and vast international professional experience has helped him develop the cultural sensitivity needed in today’s global business climate.